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May 2

The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Carbide Rings


Tungsten Carbide rings are gaining immense popularity throughout the world at the moment, however many people are left wondering whether or not these rings are actually worth it. In short, they are simply one of the best rings out on the market – however, this article will explain In detail all the upsides and even the downsides that come with purchasing a tungsten carbide ring.

Tungsten carbide is a metal compound which involves equal parts of tungsten and carbon being compounded together. It appears a shiny, dark grey, silver colored metal. It’s also extremely strong and resilient to many different types of external forces which may cause other metals to scratch.

The main pro of a tungsten carbide ring is that it’s durable and very strong. Many different metals, especially that of the ubiquitous gold wedding bang, often show signs of strong wear after a couple of years. Gold easily scratches from daily use, and many customers are often obligated to send their rings in for maintenance every few years – which can cost a lot of money. This, is rarely the case with tungsten carbide as it’s an extremely strong metal which hardly shows any wear even after years.

Another very important benefit about the tungsten carbide ring is that it’s very affordable. Gold, platinum wedding bands may cost even up to the thousands for the bride and groom, however tungsten carbide rings only cost a fraction of that. A good quality tungsten carbide ring will set someone back around two hundred dollars. Leading to massive savings, even in the long term – as mentioned above, there is usually no need for a tungsten carbide ring to be maintained every few years.

Another large positive fact about tungsten carbide is that it’s unique and different. Many newly-weds opt to go for gold wedding bands which have been used for decades upon decades. It’s definitely nothing new to see someone with a gold ring, however it’s very new and unique to see someone wearing one made of tungsten carbide. With its sleek appearance, the tungsten ring definitely conveys a much classier image than that of your average gold ring.

Perhaps, the only downside to a tungsten carbide ring is that it’s simply not as shiny as a gold or platinum ring. But, the good thing is that there are lots of styles inlaid with precious metals. The refractive index of tungsten is less than that of gold, and also has a cool silver color to it compared to the strong yellow in gold. This might be a con for some, however it might actually be another pro for others. Wearing a discrete and unique ring such as that of tungsten carbide often conveys are more tasteful image than that of an ostentatious person wearing a shiny gold ring.

Now that we’ve established the main benefits of tungsten carbide rings, it’s highly suggested that you go upon trying and seeing a tungsten carbide ring yourself. With its unique looks and affordable price, it’s definitely something worth considering when it comes to rings.

(Source: weddingbandsforboth.com)